R,d,T Data Conversion

RTSX Help:Data conversion between R,d and T

t2d, t2r, r2t, rd2t

Data conversion between rotation matrix R, origin vector d, and homogeneous transformation matrix T


  • d = t2d(T)
  • R = t2r(T)
  • T = r2t(R)
  • T = rd2t(R, d)

Input/Output Arguments

  • R — 3×3 rotation matrix
  • T — 4×4 homogeneous transformation matrix
  • d —   a 3×1 vector representing location


This group of functions extract or combine data in different forms. t2d( ) and t2r( ) extracts the location vector d and rotation matrix R from a homogeneous transformation matrix T. r2t( ) forms T by combining input argument R with d = [0, 0, 0]’. rd2t( ) forms T by combining input arguments R and d.