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Homogeneous Transformation, 3-D Position/Orientation


Robot Model Creation and Graphics

Forward Kinematics

  • Link2AT — Compute homogenous matrices from link data
  • Robot2AT — Compute homogenous matrices from robot model
  • Robot2hAT — Compute sequence of homogeneous matrices from robot model
  • FKine — Compute forward kinematics from robot model

Inverse Kinematics

  • Ikine6s — Compute an inverse kinematics solution for a robot with 6 revolute joints such as Puma 560
  • Ikine — Compute an inverse kinematics solution for a robot model numerically

Velocity Kinematics

  • delta2tr, tr2delta — Convert between differential motion and homogeneous transform
  • tr2jac, eul2jac, rpy2jac — Compute Jacobian from homogeneous transform, euler, or RPY angles
  • jacob0, jacobn — Compute Jacobian that maps joint velocity to base or end-effector spatial velocity

Path Generation

  • cpoly, qpoly, lspb — trajectory generation using cubic, quintic polynomials or linear-segment parabolic blend
  • mtraj, mstraj — multi-axis/multi-segment trajectory
  • jtraj — joint space trajectory
  • ctraj — cartesian trajectory



  • CentralCamera — create a central-projection perspective camera model
  • CamProject — project world points
  • CamPlot — plot projection of world point on image plane
  • IBVS4 — Image-based visual servoing control for 4-feature points

Robot Control

  • Xcos models are included in subdirectory /xcos