H-infinity Control of DC Motor Part II : Controller Implementation

From H-infinity Control of DC Motor Part I : Plant Modeling and Controller Synthesis, we discuss essential steps required to achieve a controller for DC motor plant, from estimating a plant model by least-square identification, adjusting weighting functions, formulating a … Continue reading

H-infinity Control of DC Motor Part I : Plant Modeling and Controller Synthesis

is a recent linear control scheme that often sounds intimidating to a new control engineering student. And she might have in her mind already “Geez, this beast must require expensive control design software and run only on state-of-the-art laboratory hardware … Continue reading

Offline Least-Square System Identification

In certain applications where tight specifications are needed, simple model-free control such as PID may not be adequate. More sophisticated schemes can be customized to the system under control. Linear controllers such as are classified as model-based because the design … Continue reading

Advanced PID Controller Implementation

In this digital era, PID controllers have evolved from basic textbook structure to more sophisticated algorithms. Features such as setpoint/derivative weightings and anti-windup scheme are often added to improve the closed-loop response. In our previous article A Decorated PID Controller, … Continue reading